Focusing is a beautiful and meditative approach to psychotherapy and personal growth. It offers a deep parallel to the practice of mindfulness in a carefully developed and sensitive way.
  —Jack Kornfield, A Path With Heart

Everything we experience in life—every relationship, situation and challenge—impacts our bodies, creating direct and distinct bodily responses. In Focusing, we learn to bring an interested, non-judgmental attention to our bodily “felt sense” of a particular life issue. We learn to listen and sense into that part of ourselves that holds more information and understanding than we can yet articulate. Through accessing this deeper, holistic dimension of experiential knowing, fresh understandings and new possibilities emerge. We are able to find exactly the right “next steps” to move forward in our lives.

As a Focusing Trainer, it is my pleasure to teach the skills and the step-by-step process that can help you to:

• make decisions with greater confidence
• unblock “stuck” patterns
• reduce anxiety and stress
• know what you're really feeling about a relationship or situation
• improve your ability to listen to yourself and to others
• gain clarity about issues and challenges
• decrease feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed
• feel more empowered
• be more self-accepting and self-appreciating

Focusing was developed from the pioneering work of the renowned philosopher and psychotherapist, Eugene Gendlin, during his professorship at the University of Chicago. It’s efficacy is supported by many research studies. Dr. Gendlin has received numerous awards from the American Psychological Association. To learn more about Focusing, please see my “Resources” page.

Focusing can be learned through a series of individual classes or group workshops. I look forward to sharing this life-enhancing process with you.