“Of all the people in my life I’m truly grateful for, YOU are at the absolute top of the list. I’m grateful for the relationship we’ve cultivated and for all you have taught me about relationships to others and myself; for your relentlessly reminding me to find compassion for myself; and for showing me how to shift from the drama into the truth at hand.”
—L.A., Stockbroker

focusing trainer

“Focusing is a life-altering way of being. I consider it my good fortune to have Ruth as a teacher who gave me the tools for getting started and continues to help me deepen my practice.”
—D.B., Writer

“My experience of Ruth's teaching style is that of spacious inquiry. Her pacing and tone allowed me to formulate and voice my questions in an open space of acceptance. Ruth transmits the essence of Focusing through her way of being.”
—S.H., Teacher

meditation teacher

“Ruth’s gentle, calm voice was made for teaching mediation. I’m one of those people who thought I could never learn to meditate, but in Ruth’s class I did. When I’m stressed out, I can now take a few breaths, calm down and reconnect with myself in this very moment. Meditating is such a relief!!”
—R.S., Parent and Design Consultant