The Focusing Institute provides a wealth of resources for its members and for anyone interested in learning more about Focusing and the Focusing community. The website provides information about training, upcoming workshops and an international directory of Focusing trainers. Online publications are also available free of charge, and DVDs and other materials are available for purchase.
FORP (Focusing Oriented Relational Psychotherapy), a New York City based education and training program, is committed to the further development of an effective and integrated approach to psychotherapy. According to the website, “It (FORP) springs from a cross-fertilization of Eugene Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit with contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis.” The website offers information about its programs in New York City and South Africa, descriptions of its faculty and graduates, and a variety of articles, art work and writings. FORP was founded and continues to be directed by Lynn Preston, psychoanalyst and Focusing Coordinator.
Ann Weiser-Cornell, an internationally known teacher and Focusing Coordinator, is the developer of Inner Relationship Focusing and Treasure Maps of the Soul. She is the author of The Power of Focusing.
Robert Lee, PhD is a Focusing Coordinator who teaches internationally both in English and Spanish and is the founder and director of the Interamerican Focusing Institute. He is the developer of Domain Focusing and “Changing the Unchangeable” workshops.
Joan Klagsburn, PhD is a Focusing Coordinator and psychotherapist with extensive experience in working with individuals facing health challenges. She is also deeply interested in the intersections of Focusing and spirituality.
Robert Parker, PhD specializes in teaching the philosophy of Eugene Gendlin and in the treatment of trauma and abuse.
The mission of the Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism is “to promote Jewish contemplative techniques that develop a heart of wisdom and compassion.” The website offers many resources including retreat schedules and podcasts.
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality offers teachings and retreats for professionals and lay people committed to “deepening their own Jewish spiritual lives and making the connection between the inner work of spiritual growth and the outer work of creating more justice and compassion in the world.”