Every problem has within it, its own forward movement.
  —Eugene Gendlin, PhD

The word “psychotherapy” comes from the Ancient Greek words, psyche, meaning “soul” or “spirit” and therapeia, meaning “to attend to” or “serve.” At the heart of the psychotherapy is this “attending to” or “serving” the soul, that part of you that feels like the most essential, most alive and truest self.

Everyone experiences times of struggle, pain, frustration and confusion. Common life challenges include:

• relationship difficulties
• loss and grief
• life transitions
• lack of confidence
• anxiety, fear and depression
• alienation and loneliness
• self-criticism and recrimination
• school and work challenges
• existential and spiritual questioning

Although none of us would ask for these difficulties, they can provide the impetus for growth and change. With an empathic and knowledgeable therapist, you can begin to safely work with the inevitable obstacles that have impeded or blocked previous efforts to move forward. In a successful psychotherapy process, old and no longer effective patterns of living begin to give way to new and fresh possibilities, to feelings of fullness and vitality, and to an increased sense of trust in yourself.

My years of clinical experience have taught me that every person wants to be happy and to live a life of authenticity, a life that reflects his or her true nature and particular paths. I believe we are best able to grow into and live from our authentic Self when we feel safe, seen and supported.

As a psychotherapist, it is my responsibility to attend to each client’s unique needs and situations, and through my relationship with each client, to support her or his efforts, to heal the wounds, resolve the conflicts, face the challenges and create the life that is “more right.”

Although I was trained in and use a variety of psychotherapy modalities, I have found Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy to be a particularly effective approach.

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