ruth rosenblum psychotherapist

Hello, I’m Ruth Rosenblum.

Every blade of grass has its angel that
bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.”

  —The Talmud

There is something in each of us that says, “grow, grow.” There is an inherent, life-forward energy that wants us to be more fully who we are and to live in harmony with our essential and unique natures.

How can we support and sustain this “grow, grow” impulse?

Relational Psychotherapy, Focusing and Meditation practices offer dynamic pathways that further our growth and unfoldment. They share fundamental understandings of the nature of life, the process of change, and what it means to be human. These are the paths that I practice and teach.

From my 30 years of professional experience I know that the transformative powers of non-judgmental awareness, deep listening and an empathic relationship can increase our experiential capacities, enabling us to have larger and more illuminated lives.

It is my privilege to help and support individuals in their efforts to become more of who they really are—more present, more connected, more joyful, more productive, more resilient and more peaceful. I have also learned that such lives inevitably contribute to the betterment and healing of our world and our planet.

I look forward to our meeting.